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8 unique android apps for 2020

Android was acquired by Google in 2005. The main stream of Android was to develop an operating system for embedded devices.

Although that has changed over the period of years. The popularity of Android has grown and the main reason for that is Android being open source.

Many developers are encouraged to work on the development of Android. People are starting to learn how to develop an Android application.

Developing an Android application is not that difficult. It depends on the creativity of the developer. The language that is to be known for developing an application is Java or Kotlin.

Android works on Linux Kernel. It is not a Linux operating system. Many people are mistaken about this concept.

Google Play store is the main source for the deployment of Android applications. Google play store houses over 3 million Android applications.

Google consistently monitors the quality of the applications. The applications that don’t make the cut are removed from the store.

A developer after uploading the application on Google play store can easily earn from the application. This is the main reason many people try out Apk development.

There are tons of categorized Android applications out there. We are going to see the top ten unique Android applications on Google play store.

We will be discussing free applications and paid applications in this blog post.

I am sure these applications will be familiar with 80% of the people. But there will be applications that you will not be aware of.

I hope these applications help you to make your Android experience better.

Top ten Android applications

1. JustWatch

Everyone loves watching TV shows but finding your favorite TV show is not easy bu any means.

The online streaming industry has been growing day by day and many producers are trying to put out their own work into some of the TV streaming websites.

It can be tough to find your own favorite TV show and keep track of all the latest releases and updates.

Just watch offers us the opportunity to select our best TV show from the 37 available TV streaming platforms. Some famous TV streaming platforms that are supported on JustWatch are Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and many more.

The users can search for their favorite TV shows from the search bar or they can look for the latest and new TV shows. The User Interface has also become very good and the app is only getting better.

5.0/ 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. AnyBooks

Love for reading books is everlasting. Who doesn’t enjoy reading a book?

The amount of knowledge one can get from reading books is massive. We can see many successful people out there for whom reading books have changed their lives forever.

The app AnyBooks gives us a vast collection of books to choose from and we can find almost any book we want. The collections on AnyBooks is fantastic.

We have to pay $12 for the app. The payment is absolutely justified with the amazing content. You can also write your own book and inspire many lives.

Select the book that you want to read and add it to your library. The app shows the progress bar on each of your books. It also shows us the index of the book and keeps track of the page that we last read.

The app also has a built-in library that will help us in improving our vocabulary. AnyBooks offers us a variety of languages to choose from many regional languages also available.

4.8/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. Tor browser

The Tor browser is one of the best browsers out there that considers your privacy. Many VPN are available and that hide our IP address and make our browsing experience anonymous.

Tor Browser is not just like any other browser we get complete privacy while browsing on Tor. The IP address is blocked and hidden out so that no one can know our IP address.

The Tor browser is most commonly used for browsing the dark web. Has the name suggest it is not a platform for normal users. There is a high risk of getting hacked and scammed on the dark web so make sure you know what you are doing.

Tor browser used on Android is stable and you get utmost privacy and literally no one can identify your location or IP address.

4.3/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. Just a line

This is one of the most creative apps by google. The app has been downloaded 100,000 + time on the Google play store.

The app is not famous and not hit the ground running as there are many privacy issues like access to your media files and many more.

The App is rated just 3.5 on Google play store. 2,961 people have rated the app.

The App is based on drawing a line in augmented reality and making your pictures come to life.

Users can draw anything on this app. Just line supports many gestures and works perfectly fine on most of the devices.

We can draw lines and view them in 3D space. Do give this app a try it may amaze you.


5. Flud

The app Flud is a torrent downloader which offers most of the compact feature many torrent files don’t offer. The User Interface is fantastic and the app is getting better and better.

There is no speed limits on this torrent downloader. We can customize the app and make our torrent experience better.

It has selective file downloading and sort files on priority. There are also magnet links and sequential download mode and WiFi only download mode.

The free version of the app contains Ads in it but the paid version is clean and smooth.

4.2/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. Logically news app powered by AI

We all know the number of news app on Google play store. But this is no normal new app.

Logically is powered by Artificial intelligence and the use of AI makes our news reading experience better.

The app is based on the news only in India. The best part of this is the news is categorized based on the article. There are three parts to it Positive, Negative, and Balanced.

No one has a say in categorizing the articles. Everything is AI-related and users can determine if the news falls in Positive or any other category.

The news is also stacked upon each other and related news follow up. This is also another part where AI comes into play. The app also checks for fake news and gives us credible content.

The app takes input from many famous media outlets.

4.0/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. Google Handwriting input

Remember the good old days when we used to write pages and pages of our story or work. Now most of us have stopped writing and started typing. That is also good in some ways.

Google handwriting input app allows us to write on a blank space. A space appears on our Android screen where the keyboard would appear.

For many people, handwritten scripts are more credible and robust than digitally typed scripts. Most of us still prefer writing than typing.

This app is for all the handwriting lovers and everyone must give it a try.

4.2/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

8. A-Bot

Whenever you feel lonely and would want to have a digital talking partner turn to A-Bot. It offers an AI-based digital friend.

We can share any information with the app and we get realistic replies. Be careful about sharing your personal information.

There are three versions of friends in this app. we can choose any of those versions and enjoy our time with a virtual friend.

Although this app is a bug storehouse. We recommend you to give it a try for the innovative developers. The app is rated 2.5 on Google play store just because of its bugs.

3.0/5.0 ⭐⭐⭐


There are many more apps out there that are fantastic and yet to be explored. The Google play store houses 3 million apps and the count keeps increasing. That is the list o top 8 unique apps that caught our attention.

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