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Hi, I am Karthik a programmer, a web developer, and love writing. Blogging is one of my hobbies and have a passion for writing which is why I have dived into the world of blogging.

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The blog was started at the time of the corona pandemic. To wail away time I thought why not a blog? I have good knowledge related to tech and I am up to date on nearly every tech topic so why not a blog? I started with the help of other blogs plethora of youtube videos available and I was inspired by the guide blogging blogger a tenth standard blogger who has been delivering beautiful content. I am about to finish college and have a job in hand so I thought let blogging be my time buster and voice my thoughts.

I am a tech guy and love to provide and share my knowledge with others whoever is willing to. To say more about me I am born and partially bought up in Bengaluru and Coimbatore. Technology is the main reason I started to code and developed a passion for coding. Everyone in life must have a side hustle and I have chosen Blogging and what lies ahead of me is a ?. Actually I personally believe that a person’s future is not controlled by god or any fate no one writes that except themselves.