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Build your own Android Smartphone 2020

Android smartphones have picked up a huge fan base in the world of customization and open source. Though iPhone is known to be more secure and reliable many Android smartphone developers have been trying to keep up with the standards of the iPhone.

The growth of Android users has grown from customizing the Kernel and software to ones liking to building their own smartphone. The difference between Android and iPhone is that Android smartphones are highly customizable and iPhone which is extremely secure is nowhere near customizable.

If you have worked on Android studio and published an app on the Play store you will probably know the ease and cost-cutting in Android and iPhone. Android provides a lifetime subscription whereas iPhone is based on an annual subscription of $99.

That may be the reason for less vulnerability and scams on the iPhone compared to the Android apps.

Build your Android Smartphone

Building an Android smartphone has been a dream for me for the past 2 years. But at last, I was able to build a smartphone. With basic requirements mostly available in your home, anyone can build a smartphone nowadays.

I was able to put up many components from the pile of old phones, be it a smartphone or a basic phone I made use of many components from that so the cost was less.

I built my first Android smartphone with the help of some phones like Vivo, Lenovo, and Nokia Lumia. I used the camera of Vivo since it was the best I had. The aesthetic design was made with the help of Nokia Lumia because it had a robust and handy design. Lenovo was used mostly to sync up my work and use some minor components from it.

To be frank the phone did not last long but I had a pretty good experience with it.

Ways of building an Android Smartphone

There are two ways a smartphone can be built. One with a Raspberry Pi or with the help of your old smartphone as mentioned above.

If you are serious and want to build a smartphone for consistent usage and have a unique phone that no one has then go for the Raspberry Pi model. This is more credible and works like a charm.

If you like to know more about the components of a phone and would like to tweak a bit with it then go for the process which involves usage of old Android smartphones. This method is for people who want to have fun and have a very low budget.

Both are easy and time-consuming work. Just keep in mind patience is keep to success.

We will be discussing the Raspberry Pi model in this article while the other will be kept for another article.

How to build a Android smartphone

Buying components for your Android smartphone and assembling them is tedious work. Thanks to KiteBoard things have become simpler and all the necessary components are provided.

Just click here and this will redirect you guys to the contact page of KiteBoard. Contact them and they get back to you with all the information you guys need.

It saves us time and research because they provide us with all the necessary components to build your first Android smartphone.

I will also give you guys a list of components that they provide to build your smartphone. If you guys want to go further and take this process to a new level then look at this list and buy some updated version or a different brand of your choice. Keep this list as a reference and start building.

List of components for building a smartphone

  1. KiteBoard,
  2. Power adapter with international plugs
  3. A bright, 5”, 720p touch-enabled display
  4. An 8MP camera with autofocus support
  5. A Raspberry Pi “compatibility board”.  With this attached to the board, you can use Raspberry Pi HATs and pHATs with Kite.  Additionally, this breaks out the audio pins (speaker, mic, earpiece, 3.5” headphone connector) and important buttons from the KiteBoard (power, volume + and -), plus a few more IO pins.
  6. Antennas for LTE, WiFi/BT, and GPS
  7. Flex cables to connect the display & camera to the board. 
  8. Generic push button switches (Power, Volume up, Volume down).
  9. Speaker, Mic, Earpiece, and a 3.5mm audio socket!

Check this video out on how to DIY

A video on modular smartphone

credits: KitePhone

A video on Poorna Phone (Assembly video)

Credit : KitePhone


It is pretty much easy to build your own Android smartphone and customize it as you want with a decent amount of coding knowledge. The KiteBoard is pretty much a plug and uses on the go smartphone and everything that comes in play here is your creativity. Check the video above by KitePhone to know the amazing features and customization that can be done with the help of this kit.

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