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Dropshipping: Frequently asked questions

Dropshipping is the trend among wannabe retailers. There are many benefits to starting a dropshipping business. The amount of money one can earn from dropshipping is not limited. Many entrepreneurs have found success in the field of dropshipping. The competition has also grown to immensely and wanting success in this field has become difficult. With a little extra work, anyone can be a dropshipper.

Do check my other articles on drop shipping where I have discussed what Dropshipping is and does Dropshipping work for everyone. In the other article, I have written about How to start a dropshipping business without investment.

Being patient before starting a dropshipping is necessary. Make sure that you read the previous two articles so that you will get an idea about shipping if don’t have one. With consistency and patience everyone can become a dropshipper. Know the rules of the platform before you start listing your products. If you rush into this then there are chances of your account getting suspended because you have not followed the rules and policies.

Even though dropshipping is popular among many people now a days, some people find it difficult to grasp the contents. This articles will be on the top 10 most frequently asked questions about dropshipping and how one can master this art.

Top 10 FAQ about Dropshipping

1. How much can one earn from Dropshipping

The most asked question is how much can one earn from dropshipping? The answer is somewhere around 2,000 US Dollars to 20,000 or more US Dollars. It completely depends on the mindset of the dropshipper. If he can wait for days and believe until he is successful then the money he can earn is outrageous. The key is to be consistent and believe that he can do it.

I’ll give you an example of how much a person can earn in dropshipping. Go to any wholesale marketer like Aliexpress or Walmart select a product of your choice and copy the title of the product. Go to Shopify( because literally every dropshipper is on Shopify) and search for the product. You can see that the retailer will be selling the product with nearly 10 to 20 percent margin. Now we would have got a glimpse of money that one can make being a dropshipper.

2. Do I need to purchase the product in dropshipping

No, the main idea of dropshipping is that we act as middle man and get customers the product from the wholesaler for a profit margin. There is no need for you to keep the inventory and we can directly ship the product to our customers. All the products will be stored with the wholesaler. Once the customer orders our product from the website we have created then we need to order the product from the wholesaler. Enter the details of the shipping address and pay the price of the wholesale product. The customer would have paid for the product. We can keep the profit after ordering cost and shipping cost.

3. Should I register my dropshipping business

Yes, you have to register your business for starting your dropshipping process. Registration can be done after you start making profits. The registrations may vary from one place to another. If your business is to dropship in the US then we recommend you approach the local governments and authorities. This process will be different in some countries and some may not need a license.

4. What to do when we get a return

Customers returning the product is a common issue when we dropship from suppliers that have low rating and bad reviews. Hence we recommend you to go through all the reviews and rating before listing your product.

When you get a return make sure your customers reasons are noted and corresponding action must be taken. If the product is defective and they return it make sure to take care of the shipping cost and replacing the product. If shipping cost you too much then let the customer keep the product and send them back a new one.

If the product has no defects but the customer dislikes it because of the color and look then he/she must pay the shipping cost and make sure to refund or send a product of their choice.

5. Dealing with customers in dropshipping

Some people ask if ” Should we handle the customers when there is a problem with the products?” Yes, you have to handle your customers because you have created a store and customers bought the product directly from your store. If there is a problem like a defective product then you must deal with either you give a refund or replace the product.

The supplier will only take care of shipping and we become customers to the suppliers. But we will be questionable for a defective product. Mostly dropshippers make enough profit so returning a product or refund will not cause huge loss. Some might even make a small margin of profit after returning the product.

We can seek help from the supplier in case of tracking information or any other issue related to it.

6. How long will it take to get my first sale

The reason you started dropshipping is that you wanted to sell some products online. If you don’t get a sale in the 1st or 1st month don’t give up. Keep listing and promoting your products. Master SEO tools and make sure you have done enough paid promotions. When there are many visitors to your store then the chances of getting a sale will become more probable. It will take time but if it starts then you will be motivated to contribute more. Some people get their sale on the first day and some may not get a sale for the first 2 months. It depends on how well you have established your shop and the quality of content.

7. Will my customers find out the source

If you have told the supplier to do a blind shipping then you will not be having any trouble. Some times suppliers don’t do blind shipping then the package will be having the supplier logo and invoice with shop address. That will tell the customer that the shop I bought from is located in one country and the package says it is from China. So if the customer finds out that the product can be bought for cheaper rate then we will be losing customers. Blind shipping is nothing but shipping the product to your customers without the supplier logo details and invoice. This builds a wall between your customer and supplier.


So study in deep about dropshipping before diving into it. Stay patient before getting your first order. Follow the rules of your platform or your store may get blacklisted.

I hope these questions and answers helped you in your journey to success.

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