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English premier league 20/21: Everything you need to know

English premier league is known to be the toughest league in world football. Fans from other leagues may tell otherwise. The Summer transfer window has helped the English premier league teams to make some big money signings. With 1.4 b Euros spent this summer The league is looking more dangerous than ever.

The premier league clubs have always spent the most in transfer windows than other top 5 major leagues. With top-class players and managers stacked in teams in the top 10 clubs in the league, it is very competitive.

Premier League: Eyecatchers

1. Chelsea

The blues have spent 200+ million in the transfer market and looking dangerous. The spending spree is not over with the recent signing of Mendy from Rennes.

From the last two Chelsea matches, I can say that their team looks strong but Lampard has to work on his tactics and team selection.

They may be title contenders, but we never know what premier league has for us.

Players to watch: Timo werner, Ziyech, Pulisic

2. Everton

Everton has been pretty active in the transfer window for the past two seasons and they have not shied away to splash some cash this season.

With Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid Galactico James Rodriguez, they look dangerous with intense attacking options.

Player to watch: Richarlision, James, Calvert Lewin

3. Tottenham

Looking into the last 2 decades of the premier league we can say that Tottenham has always been hesitant in transfer sessions. They spend not more than 70m in a season but they have remarkably maintained the top 6 positions in recent years.

With Bale who is a Galactico and Champions League winner with Real Madrid in the squad, we can say that Tottenham has a great team, and winning Manager Jose Mourinho will help them to silverware.

Players to watch: Son, Bale, Reguillon

4. Man United

ManU has dominated the premier league for 20 years that is the SAF period. But now they are finding it difficult to stay in the top 6. The team looks firm now in the attack but still struggling with defense.

Last season Rashford, Greenwood, and Martial created many problems for opposition players and with Bruno providing the thrust.

Donny Van De Beek is the only notable signing for Manu and he already scored on his debut. They look like a threatening force and the fans will be expecting some kind of silverware.

Player to watch: Donny, Martial

5. Liverpool

The Premier League champions who have been struggling for the past 10 years have at last found the winning team in Salah and Mane. We can say that they have been dominating Europe and England for the past 3 years.

Thiago and Jota are the latest signings for Liverpool. They have added firepower to their creativity and attack. No doubt Liverpool has built a wall in their defense, so no major signings was made in that department.

Will they win the league again or will Man City snatch the title under their nose, let us know in the comment section.

Players to watch: Thiago, Salah

Premier League : Notable mentions

  1. Man City
  2. Leeds
  3. Arsenal
  4. Wolves
  5. Leicester

Premier VAR Rules

The rules have been changed compared to the past year. They say that the rules more transparent and easy to implement this year. From the last 2 matchdays, I can say that it has become worse than ever.

From my point of view, VAR has destroyed the game and it has made it easier to fix matches and favor teams.

VAR may prove to be helpful in some situations but I am sure most of the time it has taken victories away and has given foolish penalties and Red Cards.

I’ll drop a link to the VAR rule that has changed in the Premier league and you guys decide how the new handball rule is played.

Click to visit the VAR rule page.


It’s just the start of the new season and players have had minimum rest time. It is too soon to decide who will win the League and what will happen to VAR. But all we football fans can rejoice on the fact that football is back amid this tough situations and hope it keeps us entertained during this pandemic.

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