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Nike Flight Football is a Supernatural Football

Nike Flight: What were the days when people used to play football on rough hard grounds with no fluffy grass and advanced safety measures. There has been huge development on the football pitch the VAR pitching in, Goal-line technology, and many more.

The stadiums have also taken drastic changes compared to 1990 and below. Tragedies like Hillsborough won’t happen again because of an automated security system and well designed and built seating in football stadiums.

However, Hillsborough was caused due to human errors and the disaster was one of the most tragic ones to ever happen in footballing history and Black day for Liverpool. 96 Passionate Liverpool fans died that night. The reason for the disaster was overcrowding in central pens of the stand in the Hillsborough Stadium Sheffield.

Nike Flight

The ball has been embed with some cool aerodynamic technology that will help for the development of the game.

They have come up with a masterpiece here. the Price of this football is $135.

Yes 135 dollars for a football is way too much but the feel of the ball is extremely good. The ball may look like a golf ball but there are many configurations that Nike has made which makes this ball better than the other balls.

Nike has been manufacturing football for years now and they are used in nearly every match in the top three leagues in world football. Premier League and Serie A have been using Nike football in their match.

They have developed one of the most advanced football which will revolutionize football.

Nike Flight Technology

There are no physical chips or any advanced technology integrated with this ball. Nike has come with a design satisfying every aspect of Aerodynamics and this is a banger.

This improves 30% accuracy rate when a player strikes the ball.

Check this video out from Unisport

Unisport Nike flight review

From the above video we can see that every strike is so juicy and ball looks a bit heavier than the other normal balls.

Nike has used aerodynamics in this football so that the ball would go in the direction intended.

The ball would not wobble here and there and would cut through the air for a clean strike.

That is because of the design of this ball it does allow the air to move past it with easy and unlike other balls, it will not capture the air in pockets making the ball swirl in many directions.

Then a question may arise, Can we can’t score knuckle shots with this ball?.

According to Nike, a knuckle shot will be successful only if the player knows the technique and only if the player intends to. That is also mentioned in the above video. He scores some curlers and some great knuckleball shots.

Nike Flight: Features

Nike Flight uses AeroSculpt technology. The ball is aimed to move precisely and accurately.

Nike says the ball improves the accuracy of shot taken by 30%. Nike has been working on this project for the last eight years and hence they were able to attain pure flight of the ball.

The ball is made of a four-panel configuration where normal balls are built with twelve panels. This improves the stiff movement of the ball by 40%.

The ball also uses Nike’s proprietary 3D ink which provides grip on the ball. The ball does not lose its grip even in tough weather conditions like when it rains or it is snowing the ball offers a firm grip to the players.

Everything is tested in lab for 1700 hours according to the Nike Flight website.


The ball will revolutionize the way balls are made. Nike has improved the aerodynamic system and made a huge difference. The ball is available only in white color. The ball gets dirty in a very short time. Nike may come up with many more colors in the future. The ball will be used in Premier League matches next season.

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