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OnePlus True Wireless AirPods could launch in July

OnePlus TWS: Since Apple released its own true wireless AirPods, every smartphone manufacturer and audio device manufacturer have tried to compete with them.

Although most of the wireless Earbuds have not really come close to the Apple AirPods, many are trying their best to rival Apple.

In this case, OnePlus has come up with a straight contender to the Apple AirPods. OnePlus TWS has a truly wireless model of their own that is going to be launched in July.

If OnePlus launches its TWS earbuds in July they will be having their first-ever true wireless AirPods. OnePlus has also come up with a design that looks exactly the same as the Apple AirPods.

OnePlus had decided to launch its TWS mode in June 2020 with the OnePlus 8 series. But the TWS AirPods were not launched that month due to some internal issues.

Even though OnePlus failed to launch its TWS version, they were able to launch the Bullets Wireless Z wireless in-ear earphone. Which you can buy from buy clicking here or follow the below banner.

The product is placed at just 1,999 rupees and is a must buy as it is durable and has got premium audio quality. It is rated at 4.6 by users.

It is rumored that the smartphone manufacturer will be organizing its special event in July that will be launching the OnePlus Z partnering with the true wireless earbuds.

OnePlus has not yet released any details or specifications about the earbuds. Max J who is a tipster on twitter showed a glimpse of how the earbuds would look indicated that they will be launching its earbuds in July.

OnePlus has surely shown that they are all into the wireless earphone department with some of the major launches yet to come. Their interest started in 2018 when they launched the Bullets wireless earphone.

They also launched an affordable version of the Bullet wireless earphone. Until now they have launched three wireless earbuds and are looking for a fourth one in July.

OnePlus is a Chinese company and not sure if that will be having any effect on their sales in India and the rest of the world.

To know what is happening between India and China and to know if we are harsh on the Chinese do look at this post Click Here. Where I have stated the reason for the rift and given a detailed explanation of why Chines are into this and why at this time.

If you would like to buy some OnePlus phone then check the below amazon links. Everyone knows that they been producing some of the most quality and great products that last long. The price maybe a little bit high but the quality of the smartphone justifies everything.

OnePlus’s first-ever truly wireless earbuds have been certified by Finland’s SGS Fimko testing and certification agency. On July 21 OnePlus Nord is about to be released and that may be the day when the earbuds may be released.

OnePlus Earbuds: Conclusion

Till now there has been no official confirmation from the side of OnePlus. From the details OnePlus have submitted to the FIMKO we can see that the device is mentioned as Bluetooth earphones and does not mention that it is the TWS model. There is no official news so based on the suggestions from the tipster Max J we can say that the earbuds will be released in July and it can be a TWS earbud.

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