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Top 5 Android tips and tricks everyone must know

Android tips and tricks will be providing you with some of the most exquisite content about how one can unleash the power of Android. In the current world, we have more smartphones than the population of the world. On average people use their smartphone every 6 hours a day.

Android smartphones are getting better and better day by day. The amount of tweaks that one can do is amazing. Unlike the iPhone which cannot be tweaked, Android has a plethora of tweaking options.

Everyone knows the Linux operating system. If Linux is common and primary operating system to you then you will know the kind of modifications one can do. It is the same with Android.

Android has many versions and various models each varying from each other. Google Android is very customizable and versatile compared to the iPhone. Android is just like a mine deeper you go more treasure you will find.

In the Android tips article, we will be discussing some of the most useful and mind-blowing things you can do with your phone.

Top 5 Android tips and tricks

1. Rooting your mobile phone

If you are a Linux user you will know a command sudo, which means super user. By rooting your mobile phone you will gain admin rights on your phone. The things that we can do after rooting a phone are many. We will discuss the tweaking opportunities that we will after rooting a phone further inn the article.

Android works on a Linux kernel. Normally people root their phone to overcome the barriers in their phone and unleash the full power of a Linux system. Many manufacture LG, ASUS, Sony, Google provide unlocking options on the smartphone. So rooting is not illegal (it is based on the manufacturer). Another thing to keep in mind is that a rooted phone will be void of warranty and it may become unserviceable.

For instructions to root a device click here.

2. Installing custom ROM

Many Android phones come with a stock image nowadays. Users will have nothing to do on their phones. Though it is our choice to buy the phone stock users often get bored with their phone. Though stock android is a clean look many features or limited.

Custom ROM is nothing but an operating system supported by smartphones. One can install a custom ROM on their phone easily after the rooting process. Though this process may make your phone unusable. It is good fun to tweak your old phones and run some cool free custom ROMs on them.

Note: One important thing is to know the risk before jumping into installing a ROM.

  • Your phone may get bricked(Soft bricked or hard bricked ⚠)
  • Your warranty will be void.
  • Data wipe out.

For the first step, I have written an article on how to unbrick your phone if it gets bricked. Though if you follow the norms chances of brick are minimal, studying the process before is suggested.

3. Developer options

This is a feature on your smartphone that doesn’t need rooting. You will not be able to gain admin access on your phone but some privileges can be accessed. We can change the animation of your device and do many more. The steps are simple for entering into developer options just. GO to setting -> About phone -> press the build number consecutively. Now you are a developer.

There are a lot of things you can do in developer options. enable USB debugging, enable show touches options. You can improve the performance of the phone and control the lag for a smooth user experience. The options are very simple and one can understand the setting easily.

4. Special apps

As said before an Androids potential is unlocked only after rooting the phone. In this section, we will enlighten you on the amazing apps that we can install on our phone after the rooting process. Rooting creates you a pathway not just for installing custom ROMs but also enable some special apps which need root access.

  • Lucky Patcher (game hack)
  • Greenify
  • Titanium Backup
  • Trickster Mod
  • Solid Explorer
  • Mobdro

5. Run Linux on your phone

This is the best and most tweakable option on a smartphone. Though look for legal rights and if you won’t get into any trouble for running Linux on your phone. You can install Ubuntu, Kali, Fedora, and any other variants of Linux on your phone.

I mentioned that previously that Android works on Linux. The difference is the kernel runs on Linux and operating system google which we can change.

You will get a desktop environment on your palms. It may not be as efficient as a PC.

Android tips Conclusion

These are some of the many things that we can do on a smartphone if it is rooted. Everything bases on rooting the device. The most important thing is your device may get bricked. If so you cannot be able to use your device and may become junk. But with knowing the limitations and if we follow the steps there will be no problem. Some of these activities may be illegal I suggest you research before getting into trouble.

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