Top 5 TV series of all time: Fans pick

Tv series is the most common and most watched on the internet. The popularity and liking to TV series are growing day by day. The creative content is also increasing which is keeping the audience entertained all the time.

The online streaming giant Netflix and Amazon prime have released some of the most popular TV shows of all time. The amount of content these two streaming sites create is overwhelming and many users have no time to watch all of them.

This era is known to be the golden era of TV series. Based on the rating from users and critics from various rating websites like IMDB, RottenTomatoes we have bought you a list of top 5 Tv series you must watch.


1. Breaking Bad

The reason for this TV series to top the list has many reasons. The screenplay is jaw-dropping, the casts are out of this world and the storyline is a brilliant touch of brilliance. A shy high school chemistry teacher goes on to become the most feared and dangerous man when it comes to Meth. Walter White the protagonist of this series takes up the name”Heisenberg” an dominates the world with his co-star Jesse Pinkman. The main reason Walter White jumps into the business of Meth is because of his family situation. Walter White is also affected by cancer and the high school salary is not enough for his treatment. But he becomes the king of Meth production and beats cancer. Do watch this series if you have not watched it before, it is scintillating.

2. Game Of Thrones

Who doesn’t know the Game of Thrones, the most liked TV series in the world. The dragons, magic, The Dothraki, Khalessi all these make the TV series amazing. The only reason it doesn’t make the top of this list is because of the final season. The last season of an absolute flop. They set high standards that they could not keep up to the last season like Breaking Bad. It could have easily gone past Breaking Bad if not for the last season. The story is so good that we cannot get this kind in Movies or any other shows. Many are aspiring to create their own shows based on GOT but nothing could come close to it. The series is filled with raw action with almost all the violent scenes being natural which takes it to another level. This series is one of a kind and can be watched many times without getting bored.

3. The Wire

The HBO TV series aired from 2002 to 2008 is a detective thriller. The show is all about the detectives solving cases and busting drug rackets. The show didn’t receive the respect first when it was aired. Now the popularity of TV series has grown and critics and fans absolutely love this show. The first season is equal to the last season. The detectives were the phones of the narcotic people and bust cases in no way one would imagine. The main reason the show was so realistic and raw is that the creator of this show worked in the Baltimore sun, a local news agency. When it comes to crime show this is the best that hs ever been.

4. Sherlock Holmes

Do you want to have a headache watching this show? If yes or no you must watch it. The show is about a lonely detective who has no one to call his family runs the show in solving crimes. His blood brother is his best enemy and tries to hinder all the cases he solves. At last, he meets a friend who is an army officer who tries to solve cases with him. The show gets better and better with every second. The inspecting version of Sherlock and the way he outsmarts everyone is brilliant. The show is like a game of chess and the best thinker wins. No doubt Sherlock checkmates all of his enemies and goes on to live a weird life.

5. Band Of Brother

The miniseries is based on the easy company of the US Army 101st airborne division. The series is made of just 10 episodes and this is a blockbuster. The budget of the series was 125 million dollars. The HBO series was directed by the brilliance of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The clarity and vision of this series are too good. Band of brothers won the Emmy and Golden Globe for the Best Miniseries.

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