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Top 9 unique smartphones that will blow your mind off

Unique smartphones: There are many smartphones on the internet and this post is not going to be just an overview of that. We will be briefly discussing smartphones and dive into 9 various unique smartphones that amused me.

There is a lot of weird stuff on the internet and no wonder smartphones have also fallen in this category. Because of the huge Smartphone market, many competitors have become innovative.

Manufactures to stand out of the crowd and attract people into their zone innovate their ideas in manufacturing smartphones.

Everyone knows the way China creates a copy of a original product in every small amount of time. Which is not legal though!

Some of the big smartphone manufactures have incorporated with many innovative and low capital firms who have the idea to entertain but lack the capital to deploy.

Samsung went on a spree to tie knots with these kinds of firms and build some of the most unique smartphones.

However, that did not turn out to be a huge success. This act has encouraged many smartphone companies to promote their own R&D team to come up with their own unique products.

Another example is blackberry which was extremely famous for its qwerty keypad is also a unique production.

Blackberry were unique because of their keypad and email availability on the go.

Many Americans also preferred Blackberry to any other phone because it has business made and high security.

However, everyone forgot that Blackberry existed after the rise in fame of ios and Android phones.

Smartphone: Brief history

Smartphones came into the wider reach of the tech and no-tech world when there was significant rise in technological developments. With people able to edit a document or send fax or emails to a business partner and friend smartphones played a major role.

Internet connectivity in your palms made this a game-changer. Smartphones were invented in 1992. It instantly grabbed the attention f many. Simon was the first smartphone that was released in 1992. It was created by IBM.

Until 1995 people did not use the term smartphone. People used Simon’s personnel communicator instead of smartphones. Simon was launched for a price of $899.

Watch this video from TechGadg it’s an awesome video on the first-ever smartphone.

Then after Simon the major outbreak in smartphones was from Blackberry. American got extremely addicted to Blackberry because of its features and other enterprise capabilities.

Later the Blackberry model met its end After the first-ever full touch phone was introduced in 2006. LG released its model name, LG Prada. This eventually changed the mobile phone industry.

Now, most of the users use fully touch-enabled smartphones over button and keypad phones like Blackberry.

Competing LG’s Prada Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. A 3.5″ screen compact and easily slides in your pocket. It was known for its security and compatibility.

More than 90% of Americans use the iPhone now. However, Android has a bigger share of users due to a cheap and flagship mobiles. The security risk in Android is vulnerable compared to iPhone but many prefer Android.

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Top 9 unique smartphones

We can come into the topic of the top 9 unique smartphones in 2020. I Bet most of you would have not heard of these smartphones and some would also like to own one.

The major reason we see these kinds of configurations is because Android is open source. Unlike ios which are not an open-source platform.

Many developers are encouraged to develop and contribute to the Android platform.

Just tweak your Java or Kotlin code. Work with the back end and database. Then we get a very new unique variant of Software to be deployed on our smartphone.

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It is not that this many new features that come every now and then are good. Just because it is open source and anybody can make there own version of Android with a decent level of Android development it makes the platform risky and vulnerable to attacks.

So lets get into some of the Top 9 Unique Smartphones in 2020.

1. Nokia 9 Pure View

Nokia’s urge to again become the best mobile manufactures has bought Nokia 9 Pure into the market. This Smartphone is as unique as it is.

Launched in 25th February 2019, the smartphone has set standards to many other manufacturers. Introducing the 7 camera hardware in their device Nokia changed the way of cameras in a smartphone.

There has been better camera specifications in other phones. But Nokia is bought a unique feature in this device.

The phone sports a 5.9-inch display powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The battery capacity is 3200 mAh and sports 6 GB RAM.

Nokia 9 Pure View runs on Android 9 and supports wireless charging.

Price: $650

2. Motorola FlipOut

This is not the best phone out there but one of the unique phones. The build and display is so good and different. Many people wanted to buy this phone at time of release just because of the looks.

It has a square design with sliding flip option. Just flip your phone and it turns into a display plus qwerty keypad phone.

The video recording and other features are pretty bad and most of the features are not good. Thus it became a flop. Not to forget that Motorola Flipout was released in June 2010.

Being a 10-year-old phone the specifications are pretty bad. It sports a 3 MP camera with 512 MB of RAM and the battery capacity is 1130mAh.

It is powered by Android 2 that is Eclair with TI OMAP 3410 chipset. It came with basic amenities like WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth. The battery is Li-Lon removable battery.

Price: $250

3. ASUS PadPhone

ASUS showed that they can produce one of the most creative Smartphones out there. PadPhone was released on January 2014 and it caught the eyes of many for its unique design.

It has a 5 inch display 16 GB of internal storage. The phone was sturdy and looked really powerful.

We could use the phone as usual and connect it to a Tab Pad it will turn into a Tablet and you will not know it. The phone is inserted on the back of the Pad.

Apart from the unique looks it also sported pretty decent features. The Smartphone runs on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It also supports 3G and 4G connectivity.

It is built with 16 GB internal storage and also supports Micro SIM card. PadPhone has a 5-inch touch screen driven by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The RAM on this phone is 2 GB.

Price: $870

4. Nanex

This mini smartphone made carrying a smartphone very easy. Although this phone didn’t have a reach as the manufacturers would have expected.

Nanex is the smallest smartphone available with a screen size of just 2.5 inches.

It runs on Android 4.0 and CPU MT6575. Nanex was released in December of 2013. The RAM of this phone is 256 MB and works on 2G. It is powered by a 900mAh battery.

Nanex contains basic features like WIFI, Bluetooth, Portable hotspot, Google Play, and Abode Flash. It has an amazing battery standby of 56 hours.

Price: $87

5. iBall MSLR Cobalt 4

The specification of this phone is not eye-catching but the camera of this phone turns you around lets you have a look.

It is designed to have DLSR like a camera in a smartphone and by the looks, the lens matched the DLSR effect but the picture quality was not up to the mark.

Cobalt 4 was launched in June 2015 and many Chinese smartphone accessory manufacturers have made smartphone lenses similar to this phone.

The camera quality is a bit good compared to phones at this price but it did not reach the DSLR expectation.

Cobalt has a 5-inch display and 1.4Hz octa-core processor. The front selfie camera is 3.2 MP and the rear camera is 8 MP. It has 1 GB RAM and 8GB external storage.

Price: $70

6. LG G Flex

With all the fold-able smartphones and flexible phone coming to the market LG released this phone on November 2013.

The phone is designed as a curved screen resembling the design of a human face. The screen is made of Gorilla glass. The display size is 6 inch and runs on Android 4.2.

The chipset that runs this smartphone is Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800. It has 2 G RAM and 32 GB external storage with no facility to add a SD card.

LG G Flex has rear and selfie cameras where the rear camera is 13 MP and the selfie camera is 2 MP. It runs on a 3200 mAh battery.

Price: $670

7. Microsoft Kin

Probably Microsoft has no big say in the Mobile world. No doubt, Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world but Microsoft Kin has been a flop and the release was also cancelled.

It was to be launched on April 2010 but later cancelled. Like the Blackberry version this phones sports a qwerty keypad.

The screen size is 2.5 inch and a sliding keypad. The rear camera is 5 MP and runs on 256 MB RAM.

Price: $25

8. Pantech Pocket

Here is another mini smartphone that has a unique design. Has the name suggests the smartphone easily slides into your pocket and does not consume a lot of space.

The smartphone was released on December 2011. Android 2.3 is the Android software that is used in this smartphone.

The phone is compact with a 4-inch display and 5 MP camera. Pantech Pocket has a 600 MB RAM and 1650 mAh battery.

Price: N/A

9. Vertu TI Ferrari smartphone

This smartphone makes it into the last phone in our Top 9 unique smartphones. This is a very unique smartphone that we would find in the Android market for its looks are similar to the Ferrari car.

The Smartphone is built with Ferrari F12 Berlinetta as an inspiration. The phone was developed in 2013. This phone is a beauty and is a exact similar to the Ferrari model.

Price: $6661

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