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What is affiliate marketing: Complete guide

Affiliate Marketing: Making money while you sleep is the most lovely thing to happen. Spend 2 hours a day to write a quality post and get some affiliate marketing links in your post and from which inspired readers would buy from, fetches you a commission.

Affiliate marketing can be done not just by writing a blog. We can set this business up by email marketing, YouTube, Social media, and many more.

Search for a product that will be helpful to you. Choose a product that you think will be helpful to others and people would buy that from your link.

The most important thing in Affiliate marketing is that we must not spam our customers and promote unhealthy content. This loses credibility and makes your returns less.

Affiliate marketing Example

The above image is an affiliate link from amazon. I think that this product will be useful for people. So I chose this phone stand. This is actually a very good product and will be helpful to people who run a business and care for their posture.

After I have chosen the product I would like to promote this product through blogging. So I write an amazing article that will make people understand the benefits of these products.

If that article makes people turn their heads towards it then some would consider buying the product. After the order is placed by the customer and when they receive the product and the return period is over, I will get a commission.

Amazon paid a decent commission on every sale made before the lock-down and Pandemic. Now they have reduced the commission rate by 70%. That is a huge loss foe affiliate marketers.

Amazon Affiliate marketing used to give 10% of the total price on every successful sale.

But the good news is that Amazon is not the only place that you will get affiliate links from. We’ll discuss the Amazon Affiliate marketing alternatives later in the article.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

The people who do Affiliate Marketing can be an individual or company. Mostly Bloggers put on Affiliate products. Many YouTube channels also work based on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate websites don’t pay based on the number of views. It is paid based on three factors, which we will be discussing further. We get based on our performance and conversion ratio.

Three types of affiliate marketing

  1. PAY PER CLICK (PPC): We are paid by the company for every verified click on our shared Affiliate marketing link.
  2. PAY PER LEAD (PPL): We are paid when we generate a lead like a form submission or registration.
  3. PAY PER SALE (PPS): This is the most paying part in Affiliate marketing. The company pays 10%, 20% even some companies pay 80% commission. The company pays for every successful sale made and the return period is over.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

I hope everyone would have got a glimpse of what Affiliate marketing is and this content is not as much as that it has.

Let’s see what are the benefits in commission based marketing.

1. Low risk

There is absolutely no risk on your part if you are planning on becoming an affiliate marketer. There is no need for inventory or production costs and other major e-commerce investments. The only risk is if there a product malfunction or if you give a wrong review then the credibility with your audience is affected.

2. Grow your audience

Are you getting 5k to 10k audience to your blog? Turn them into regular visitors by building a relationship with them. Help your audience pick the best for them. Naturally, your range of audience will increase by referral and will boost your commissions.

3. Boosts your SEO

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in ranking your blog or website so that you get more visitors from Google. Affiliate marketing will attract customers to your blog and if you have great content or article then they will get hooked to your website. This will improve the domain authority of your website and provide you with many back-links.

4. Different stream of income

It is always said to have two to three streams of income. The first is your daily job and second and third must fetch your money while working for your employer. Affiliate marketing will help you get your income stream diversified. The only thing you have to do is spend 30 hours a week.

5. Low investment

The is no investment directly involved in this marketing. Get registered on an Affiliate program, get the product link, and promote it on your blog, website, or YouTube video. There is some kind of investment that you must be willing to put in, Domain name and maintaining your platform will cost you per year. However, this will be easily recovered in a month. Don’t forget to work on ads too.

Best Affiliate marketing platforms

1. Share a Sale

2. Awin

3. CJ Affiliate

4. Rakuten Marketing

5. Avangate Affiliate Network

6. ClickBank

7. FlexOffers

8. Amazon Associates

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