What is dropshipping? Does dropshipping work

Dropshipping is the word every people utter out of their mouth. Being said that the competition has grown immensely and hard work and determination is required.

Everyone can become a dropshipper it doesn’t require you to be an expert in marketing. Just know what to do and just do it. I have written an article on how to start dropshipping from scratch and with little or no money do visit the article if you found this article interesting.

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retailer friendly shipment process. The retailer in dropshipping finds the products and suppliers in the market. He then adds then to his E-commerce or marketing site. From promotions and organic traffic he gets customers and makes a successful sale. The retailer does not keep his products in stock with him. There is no necessity for the retailer to have a warehouse. The hectic work of shipping, invoice, and packaging is done by the supplier. The work of a drop shipper is to find customers for the goods and sell them at some profit.

The details of the shipment to the customers can be hidden. This makes the source of the wholesale supplier stay behind doors. This kind of shipment is called blind shipping. The dropshipper can also put on a logo of his/her company and return address can be customized to one’s need. This kind of shipping is called as private label shipping.

Dropshipping is useful and manageable even if you are a small retailer. The work is done by the wholesale team and promotions and finding customers is done by the dropshipper. Mostly expensive products have a good market in dropshipping.

Normally the profit one can see is based on the price set by the dropshipper. The difference between the price of the dropshipper sets and the wholesale price is the profit. Some dropshippers set a very high price for a common product and this is where things go wrong. Compare your competitor’s price list and try to offer a product on their level or with a discount.

Growth of Dropshipping

Most of the retailers and wholesalers have turned to dropshippng because of its inexpensive model and profit margin. In 2006 Dropshipping was established only in Us, but now literally everyone is a dropshipper. Mostly people from China have made Dropshipping primary markets. Retailers and wholesale marketers have become dropshippers and have been increasing every day.

Digital marketing experts have taken this to a new level by promoting their products on a Facebook Ad campaign and Google Ads. This is called as extreme shipping. This makes them easily reach a number of unique buyers every day. Growing the horizon to another level.

The correct way to DropShip

There are many scams and people get easily fooled by the scammers. They showcase that the business model is fool proof and they are experts brushing shoulders with big boys. This will make us believe that they are speaking facts and we fall into their trap.

So it is better you start your own dropshipping franchise and get going. So the ways to set a dropshipping industry are

1. Market

Analyze the market look for great selling deals and offers. Look for a niche and work on it consistently. Find the demand for that product and see if it is trending now. The reviews play an important role in the selection, make sure the reviews are above 4.5/5. The major thing is to know if the product will sell or not. Try choosing everlasting products on the market. Choosing products based on the season of a particular region will work for that season only.

2. Supplier

The niche is an important aspect in selecting the suppliers. Go for a the supplier only if he has a good rating and review. Make sure that the supplier has got return policies and refund policies. Select the best supplier from the market as there are many scams and lethargic people. build trust with your customers and develop a healthy relationship.

3. Platform

The platform is nothing but the website that you are going to sell on. The website must be SEO friendly trustworthy. Building trust can be taken to another step by having a transparent and reliable website. You can opt for Shopify if you can spend 29 dollars a month. This will put you ahead of other dropshippers.

4. Promotion and offers

Create a Ad program from Facebook and Google Ads. They will bring you 10 times more traffic on your website with some extra money. If you have a social media handle with tons of followers on it then the work gets simpler for you. With more traffic there will be more sales and you will be motivated to move further. Never settle back on promotions.

Offer discounted products compared to your competitors. Make sure the discount is know to your consumers. Offer free shipping compensating from your profits. For a beginner don’t expect a lot of profit make sure you develop your trust with your consumers and make them come back for more.

Advantages of Dropshipping

  • Minimum capital
  • Easy to grow
  • Wide variety of niche
  • No inventory required
  • Easy to setup

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

  • Profit margin based on competition
  • Tracking
  • Customer support
  • Supplier errors


Setting a dropshipping business is easy and affordable but growing it is based on us. Know that the competition is high but it is not difficult to come on top. Be aware of all the basics and keep going. There have been many successful people in this business and with the resource available everyone can succeed.

Thank you for reading the post and share the post as it will help us grow and support me.

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